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"News With A Twist" 4/8/2015


WWL TV Performance,  October 2014

When The Stars Go Blue, Cover

WWL TV interview with 

Sally Ann Roberts.

October 27,  2014


Article about So Long Storyland,

By: Larky Canuck  (click the picture)

Gretna Fest, October 2014

"Cassidy"  So Long Storyland

Music and Lyrics by Rathbone deBuys, Copyrighted 2014


Huffington Post article, written by Abi Paul, featuring So Long Storyland. Click the picture to open this article.

So Long Storyland was the featured musical guest on the, "It's New Orleans" podcast, with radio personality, Grant Morris, on January 15, 2015. You can go and check out the podcast here:



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Article About Sophia Preston

by: Kade Johnson


Model and Talent Expo

December 12, 2014 · 


Check out Sophia Preston’s music. She came to us here at the Model and Talent Expo during June 2014. When she came Sophia blew the crowd away with her amazing voice. Her rich and soulful sound, silenced the audience every time she sang. Sophia was the “Singer Winner” for her age category (4-12), she also received numerous callbacks from our singing agents and managers. 

Upon Sophia’s return home she has appeared on the “CBS” affiliate in New Orleans (check out her performance here ). She has also formed a band named “So Long Storyland”, and together they have released two new songs on the website “Reverbe Nation”. Right now they are trending at #2 on the site!!! You can check these two songs out on the website by clicking this link ( And right now their song “Cassidy” is available for a free download! And let us tell you, it’s pretty amazing! 

So what is the plans for the future? “So Long Storyland” has plans on releasing an album by the beginning of next year so keep an eye out for them, or better yet you can follow them on all major Social Media sites.